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Street Noise Reduction Systems Ltd is a world leader in covert traffic noise surveillance products and systems.  We also provide noise audit services to municipal and industrial clients.

Virtually everyone is annoyed by traffic noise in general, and especially by unreasonably loud vehicles in particular.  Whether it's a racing engine or the thumping of a car stereo, traffic noise is an unnecessary intrusion into the life of every urbanite.  The owners of loud vehicles deliberately choose to modify their exhaust systems or turn their stereo's volume up because police forces generally don't have the time or the manpower to enforce noise bylaws.  This virtually guarantees that they can sonically assault the public at any hour of the day with impunity.

Not anymore.

The Noise Snare is a vehicle mounted fully automatic covert traffic noise monitoring system.  The Noise Snare's sensors and microphones are small and easily concealed which assures that drivers are not aware of its presence.  When the Noise Snare detects a loud vehicle, it records a short video of the offender with stereo sound.  The sound the offending vehicle makes as it passes by permits it to be singled out even in heavy traffic or on multi-lane roadways.  Evidence taken from the video allows law enforcement officials to ticket the vehicle's registered owner.

Enjoy the short video of real violations captured using the Noise Snare below.  Please note that the licence plates in the video have been deliberately obscured due to privacy concerns.