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The Noise Snare

Our flagship product, the Noise Snare, allows law enforcement officials to target nuisance vehicles with mufflers that have been intentionally modified or removed, as well as vehicles that are equipped with high performance audio systems.  The Noise Snare may also be deployed to investigate noise complaints regarding homes or businesses.


Key Features

  • The Noise Snare is vehicle mounted, which allows the unit to be easily moved.  The sensors are hidden;  operation is covert.
  • Fully automatic operation means no operator is required to monitor the system, which represents a significant savings in operating costs.  The absence of an operator also means the unit's presence remains a secret.
  • Offending vehicles are captured on video, with stereo sound.  Key information such as the time, date, location, sound pressure level (noise level) in dB, etc, is superimposed on the video image.  Violations are recorded to standard DVD - playable on ordinary DVD players or on ordinary computers that are equipped with DVD-ROM drives.
  • The Noise Snare communicates with the operator or a central monitoring facility via standard cellular telephone text (SMS) messages and by email.  The Noise Snare can be easily configured to send messages to report violations as they occur, system information, or critical alerts.

Why Adopt The Noise Snare?

  • Public Health and Quality of Life.  Traffic noise is not only an annoyance, but it also has major health implications.
  • No public backlash.  Traffic enforcement systems such as photo radar are unpopular because virtually everyone is occasionally guilty of exceeding the speed limit.  Speeding is also generally perceived to be a victimless crime.  However, when it comes to vehicle noise, a small proportion of the population is responsible for annoying the majority.  Subjecting others to the roar of an engine or to thumping music is not a victimless crime and the general public welcomes any effort to improve their quality of life by reducing traffic noise.
  • Revenue.  The number of loud vehicles on the road may surprise you:  as many as one in every 28 vehicles (3.6%) is unreasonably loud.  This translates to 300 - 400 violations per day for a roadway having a peak traffic volume of 1,500 - 2,000 vehicles per hour.
  • Low Operating Cost.  No operator is required because the Noise Snare is fully automated.